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Congress hoisted its flag in the society elections. The hard work of regional MLA Veersig Bhuriya paid off


Jan 4, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) In the election of the Board of Directors of Meghnagar Primitive Caste Service Cooperative Society Limited Meghnagar of Jhabua district, Congress hoisted its flag in the elections of Mandli-Madrani Panch Pipliya Meghnagar Society. The hard work of regional MLA Veer Singh Bhuria paid off.

Voting in the society elections started at 8 a.m. through the ballot paper. The counting of votes continued till late at night. Counting votes.

Most of the Congress candidates won even in the Meghnagar Municipal Council elections, Congress was leading. Had one or two councilors not been here and there, today the Municipal Council would also have belonged to the Congress party.

In Meghnagar, 11 candidates were in the fray: Dinesh Mangilal, Ukar Lal Shankar, Ashok Hiralal, Iqbal Abdul, Kamlesh Rati Chand, Mahendra Gajja, Hemendra Jagdish, Anandibai Pannalal, Maria Martin, Pratap Rajia, and Pankaj Bherulal. Congress wins in Co-operative Society Meghnagar through ballot paper elections!

Farmers from Phuledi, Dudka, Bedawali, Chhota Ghoslia, Gujarpada, Sajeli Teja Bhim Ji, Sanjeli Nanji Saath, Sajeli Surji Mogji Saath, Agral, Khedi, Amli Pathar, Mavda, etc. villages participated enthusiastically in voting. As soon as the election results came in favor of Congress, Congress workers and officials reached the counting venue in the night itself, lit fireworks, danced to the beat of drums, congratulated each other, and wished them well.

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