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Long queues formed at petrol pumps; people waited for hours for their turn to fill petrol and diesel vehicles


Jan 2, 2024

If petrol and diesel are not available, then people will have to go on foot.

The effect of the ongoing drivers’ strike in Madhya Pradesh was also seen on petrol pumps.
In the evening, when the news spread like wildfire in the city and district that petrol and diesel would not be available tomorrow, people they reached the petrol pump at night to fill their vehicles with petrol and diesel.

Most of the petrol pumps in the district have run out of petrol and diesel.

At the petrol pumps, where there is still some petrol and diesel left, the petrol pump owners say that this may also be exhausted by the evening.

People are standing in queues with their vehicles, waiting for their turn to fill petrol and diesel.

There is a lot of bickering and debate among people regarding this issue.

The government has made a new rule for drivers. Everyone is opposing this rule.

The drivers’ strike is continuing, due to which the protest seems likely to last longer.

Due to the non-operation of trucks, buses, trolleys, etc., even daily work is affected.

A large number of people from rural areas are also reaching the petrol pump with their vehicles. Remembering Corona, a situation like the latest Corona period is happening!
Even during the Corona period, people used to queue up to get petrol and diesel filled in their vehicles.

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