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The New Year celebration was celebrated with great joy at St. Arnold’s Church, Meghnagar.


Jan 1, 2024

The program started with a spectacular presentation of Kerola songs.

The grand celebration of Christmas and New Year at St. Arnold Church, Meghnagar, was celebrated with simplicity due to the wet and cold winds.

Newly appointed Bishop Swami Peter Kharadi and newly appointed regional MLA Veer Singh Bhuria were also welcomed and honored by offering shawls and quinces in the Christmas and New Year meeting at Meghnagar St. Arnold Church.

At a get-together
In his address, the regional MLA said, First of all, I congratulate the newly appointed Bishop Swami Peter Kharadi and wish all the people of the region a happy Christmas and New Year for the coming year.

Senior journalist Advocate Salim Sherani, while explaining the message of Jesus Christ in his address, said that Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days on the mountain of Palestine, and then, seeing his worship, the devil said that if you ask, I will turn the entire mountain into bread. When I gave it, Jesus Christ said that I had kept it not for daily bread but for God.

Then the devil said that if you love God so much, then jump from this mountain and tell it while you are alive. Then Jesus Christ said, Who do you love? When the devil said that I would make you the king of the world, Jesus Christ said that I have not come to become a king; I have come to give the message of God.

Social worker Vinod Bafna said in his address that Lord Mahavir, Jesus Christ, and Prophet Saheb, incarnated men of all religions, said through their message that the biggest religion in the world is humanity.
A New Year meeting with good wishes was celebrated with simplicity. The program was successfully conducted. James Paul expressed his gratitude. Sanjay Auhari celebrated the occasion.

Father Joman James, Father Dmelo, Father Thomas PA, Father Andrews, Vijendra Singh Katare, senior journalist Vimal Jain, Hariram Girdhani, Pankaj Badola, Nilesh Bhanpuria, Dashrath Kattha, Rajendra Songara, Rahim Sherani, Sunil Dabi, Manish Nahata, Zia Ul Haq Qadri, Bhupendra Barmandaliya, Farooq Sherani, Ali Asghar Bohra, Prakash Prajapat, Nishar Pathan, Jayesh Jhamar, journalists and Congress youth leaders Arun Ohari, Roshan Baria, and other public representatives were also present.

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