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The commendable work of the Rotary Club, Apna Camp and Wagrecha families


Dec 29, 2023

Regional MLA Veersingh Bhuria also participated in the two-day free health camp held at Meghnagar Mahavir Bhawan and reviewed the camp.

Meghnagar Social Worker Pankaj Wagrecha Nilesh Wagrecha, the Wagrecha family Meghnagar, and the Rotary Club Apna conducted under the joint aegis of 315 patients took healthy benefits from the two-day free health camp.

Along with this, battery-operated mechanical artificial hands were fitted to the hands of 54 people by the Inli Foundation in Pune. On December 27th, urologist Dr. Gaurav Nahar and gynecologist Dr. Mridali Padwal examined, diagnosed, and distributed free medicines to 28 people through the camp. In December, Dr. Arvind Sharma Rhythm Heart, Dr. Darshan Shah Gastrology, Dr. Vaibhav Surana Dentist, and Dr. Amit Mehta Homeopathic from Baroda, Gujarat, served in the camp and treated and diagnosed 204 patients, along with the distribution of free medicines.

Also, in this, the endoscopy of 16 people was done free of charge by the family, which was done free of charge in the hospitals of big cities for 5 to 6 thousand rupees.

Besides, complete arrangements for tea and breakfast for the patients and their families who reached the camp were also made by the Wagrecha family.

Social workers Pankaj Wagrecha and Nilesh Wagrecha bore the expenses of the camp, which cost lakhs of rupees.

On December 27th, battery-operated mechanical artificial hands were fitted, courtesy of the ENALI Foundation, Pune. In this camp, many people who had their hands amputated below the corner were very happy after getting the hands.

Heartfelt thanks to the Meghnagar Rotary Club, the Apna and Vagrecha families, and the team of the Inali Foundation.

On the closing occasion of the health camp, regional MLA Veersingh Bhuria also reached Mahavir Bhawan and took stock of the camp.

MLA Veer Singh Bhuria, after seeing the entire arrangement of the camp, thanked the Rotary Club, Apna, and Wagrecha families and said that only rare people do such work of public service.

image-50-1024x638 The commendable work of the Rotary Club, Apna Camp and Wagrecha families

Salute to your selfless human service. Namaste. Keep doing good work. Our best wishes and prayers are with you!

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