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On the 139th Foundation Day of the Congress Party, he saluted the party flag and sang the national anthem


Dec 28, 2023
Foundation Day

All Congressmen took oaths to strengthen the organization of Congress.(Foundation Day)

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani Jhabua

As per every year, today, on the 139th Foundation Day of the National Congress Committee, the Foundation Day of the party was celebrated with great enthusiasm by saluting the Congress Party flag and singing the national anthem at the local MLA office in Gopal Colony.
Former Union Minister Kantilal Bhuria saluted the flag.

image-27-1024x461 On the 139th Foundation Day of the Congress Party, he saluted the party flag and sang the national anthem

On this occasion, he said that from the freedom struggle until today, the progress, prosperity, security, integrity, and sovereignty of the nation and the welfare and prosperity of the countrymen have been the only goals of the Congress.

The Congress Party, being a secular party, believes in equality of all religions and the upliftment of the proletariat class.

We are still committed to our goal, but now we have to actively unite and fight for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
We should not be disappointed by the decision taken in the state assembly elections.
image-28-1024x576 On the 139th Foundation Day of the Congress Party, he saluted the party flag and sang the national anthem

MLA and State Youth Congress President Dr. Vikrant Bhuria said that out of 29 Lok Sabha seats in the state, the BJP made three ministers from the Lok Sabha constituency due to the concern of the Ratlam Jhabua Lok Sabha seat, but Congress workers are in a strong position today. We are ready to fight on the streets against the anti-people policies of the BJP and the problems of the common people.

Our fight against unemployment, corruption, inflation, and increasing crimes will continue. Soon, the grassroots workers in Congress will join us. To boost their morale, this campaign will be run from door to door in every street and locality. Today, on the foundation day of the Congress Party, we reiterate our resolve to ensure victory for the Congress Party candidate for the Lok Sabha elections.

District Congress President Prakash Ranka, while presiding, said that the Congress Party was formed in 1885. The hundreds-year-old Congress Party still stands by its word. The oldest political party in India with a history of struggle and sacrifice leading to the Indian Independence Movement, the Congress Party Today we have to take an oath to strengthen the party that we will actively participate in the election campaign in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

On this occasion, MLA Veer Singh Bhuria, former MLA Wal Singh Meda District Panchayat President Mrs. Sonal Bhabar, Congress leader Hemchand Damor, and Mahila Congress President Ganga Mohania also addressed the event.(foundation day)

State Congress spokesperson Sabir Fitwell Kanha Gundiya Kailash Damor Organization Minister Jaswant Bhabar Mathias Bhuria Gendal Damor Suresh Sameer, Spokesperson Vinay Bhabar Narvesh Amaliar Kilu Bhuria Sheela Makwana Sunita Alava Rajesh Damor Mansingh Meda Dhoom Bhabar Manish Vyas Gopal Sharma Muzammil Lal Golu Qureshi Rohit Hatila Wasim Syed Jitendra Singh Rathore Rinku Runwal Salman Yadgar Saira Banu Ramesh Bhuria Dharmendra Bamania Shankar Hatila Pratap Singh Solanki Hundreds of Congress officials, workers, and rural people were present.(foundation day)

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