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Dhakali murder case-kola: murders in a Dhakali village over an agricultural dispute; life imprisonment for the accused


Dec 28, 2023
image-33 Dhakali murder case-kola: murders in a Dhakali village over an agricultural dispute; life imprisonment for the accused

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Adv. Neelima Shingane Jagad

Akola: A court has awarded life imprisonment to the accused in a 2019 massacre in Dhakali village over a farm dispute.

Today, Wednesday, December 27, Third District and Sessions Judge Sunil M. Patil, in Session Case No. 220/2019, accused Devanand Sukhdev Gavai, Pramila alias Manda Devanand Gavai (Rest. Dhakali, Distt. Barshitakli, Dist. Akola). Conviction under Section 302 along with Section 34 is punishable with life imprisonment.

The fact of the incident is that accused Devanand Sukhdev Gavai and Pramila alias Manda Devanand Gavai in village Dhakli, accused Devanand’s cousin Kamalabai Tatya Rao Sona was living with her family, and her brother Vitthal Bedarachi Gavai was working and taking care of their farm. Before she came to Dhakali, the farm was managed by the accused, Devanand Vahiti. The accused was angry with Kamalabai’s family, as Kamlabai was taking possession of the farm that the accused could get.

They always used to argue about it. Day by day, the anger in the mind of the accused increased, and the murder took place only after his death. d. On June 25, 2019, between 1 PM, both the accused, in connivance, killed the plaintiff Kamalabai’s son (name of the deceased Ravi Tatya Rao Sonone) after hitting her son on the head with a wooden stick and a cane. Based on such a complaint, a case was registered against the accused under sections 302 and 34 of the IPC at Barshitakali police station. The investigation of the said crime was done by Po. No. Manoj Vasade, who filed the charge sheet in court.

In this case, the government party examined a total of seven witnesses to prove the crime. Also, one witness was examined by the defense side.

The testimony of eyewitnesses Kamalabai Tatyarao Sonone and Ankush Tatyarao Sonone became important in this case.

After hearing the arguments of both parties and accepting the evidence of the government party, the court ruled that both accused have been charged with B.D. v. Convicted under Section 302, 34 and sentenced to life imprisonment and each Rs. 5,000 fined. Also sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for an additional 3 months in default of payment of the fine.

Additional public prosecutor Anand Gode represented the side of the government party in this case. Also court appeals. Co. Khade and CMS Cell, advocated by H.C. Shrikrishna Pachpore, cooperated.

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