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A meeting was organized under the chairmanship of the Additional Collector to implement the ban on the open sale of meat and fish.


Dec 28, 2023

Additional Collector, S.S. Under the chairmanship of Muzalda, a meeting was organized to implement the ban on the use of loudspeakers and the sale of meat and fish in the open in the municipal area.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani Jhabua

In the meeting, 0.800 hectares of land out of 1.600 hectares of government survey number 54 located in village Maujipada were allotted to Municipality Jhabua for the construction of the slaughter house, but even after the allotment of land, the slaughter house was not constructed by Municipality Jhabua.

image-34-1024x768 A meeting was organized under the chairmanship of the Additional Collector to implement the ban on the open sale of meat and fish.

Due to which, keeping in mind the complaint by the Additional Collector regarding the sale of animal meat and fish in the open, Chief Municipal Officer Jhabua has been directed to immediately demarcate the land allotted for the slaughter house and, as per the estimate, construct a temporary tin shed within a week. And shops should be allotted to identified persons.

So that there is a complete ban on the sale of animal meat and fish in the open.
The Additional Collector instructed the officials to ensure electricity supply in the slaughter house, to mark a specific place for dumping dirt, and to ask the shopkeepers to dump the dirt at that designated spot.
Separate parking arrangements should be made for the traffic in the slaughterhouse so that the traffic is not disrupted. At present, after the ban, the municipal staff and the police staff should jointly establish coordination and take intensive action against those selling animal meat and fish in the open.

People selling animal meat and fish in the open should be identified and advised to get a proper license for their business, and they should be made aware to do business only at the place marked (allocated) by the municipality.
Apart from this, in order to increase the revenue of the municipality, instructions were given to assess the revenue in the current situation and make appropriate efforts for revenue recovery.

The Additional Collector said that the use of loudspeakers will be banned from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

For this, publicity should be given to the general public in urban areas by beating drums. Under the provisions of noise standards, under the noise limit (in decibels), a maximum of 02 medium-sized D.J. will be permitted. Any institution or person can use a sound amplifier, loudspeaker, or DJ only by following the provisions of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, as amended. Legal action will be taken against the organizers of such programs in which DJs or loudspeakers are used uncontrollably without following the rules.
In the meeting, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Jhabua H.S. Vishwakarma, Sub-Divisional Officer Police Jhabua, Project Officer Urban Development Agency Jhabua, Tehsildar Jhabua, Chairman Municipality Jhabua, Chief Municipal Officer Jhabua, and Station Incharge Police Station Jhabua were present.

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