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A sugarcane farmer tried to commit suicide by pouring petrol.


Dec 27, 2023

After the attempt at self-immolation, the Secretary of the Magalganj Sugarcane Committee explained to the farmers Magalganj Kheri.

At the Kalluamoti Center of Kumbhi Sugar Mill, farmers started protesting at the center itself, accusing the center in charge of not weighing the sugarcane. Sugar Mill official Sanjeev Sherawat reached the spot after saying, ‘Tu Tu, Main Main.”

A farmer tried a commit suicide by pouring gasoline on himself. At the Kalluamoti Center of Kumbhi Sugar Mill, the farmers allege that their survey was done on early species. They were gone while they were normal. In such a situation, the center in charge is not weighing the normal sugarcane on the slip of the early variety.

image-13-1024x768 A sugarcane farmer tried to commit suicide by pouring petrol.

In such a situation, the normal sugarcane is not being weighed on the early sugarcane slip by the center in-charge, and the farmers accused the center in-charge that illegal recovery of ₹ 50 to ₹ 100 is being done in the name of sugarcane unloading at the center. . Due to this, the angry farmers started protesting while sitting at the center itself. As soon as the information about the protest was received, the regional head of the sugar mill, Narpati Singh, reached the spot and tried to convince the farmers, but suddenly the conversation escalated between the farmers and the mill employees, and farmer Nivesh Trivedi, who had come to weigh the sugarcane, tried to commit self-immolation by pouring petrol on him. Somehow, Nimesh was stopped by the farmers present at the spot. As soon as the information was received, along with the local police administration, farmer leader Shyam Shukla also reached the spot. After the attempt at self-immolation, Magalganj Sugarcane Committee Secretary Ajit Pratap Singh reached the spot and is trying to solve the problem by convincing the farmers. At present, talks are going on between the Magalganj Secretary and Senior Sugarcane Inspector Kumbhi. The protest is continuing until the time of this writing. Farmers said that the protest will continue until their problem is resolved. During this period, mainly farmer leaders Shyamu Shukla, Jasveer Singh, Nimesh Trivedi, Amit Bajpai, Piyush Awasthi, Shiv Prakash Mishra, Sant Kumar Singh, Anand Singh, Hariom Mishra, Ashok Kumar, Hari Naam Mishra, Shekhar Mishra, and many other farmers were present.

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