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The miscreants took Graha Swami hostage, threw him in a sugarcane field


Dec 27, 2023

The police are calling the robbery incident fake action will be taken after the investigation

On Monday night, five unknown miscreants entered his house by jumping over the wall.They caught the owner of the house, Sardar Jeevan Singh, and took him to the sugarcane field, where he tied him up and dumped him. Then the miscreants entered the house and looted the women, took out the ear rings of their daughter-in-law and elder daughter, and while looting the house, took away the jewelry kept in the house.

image-14-1024x576 The miscreants took Graha Swami hostage, threw him in a sugarcane field

The value of the jewelry was about two lakh fifty thousand rupees, and one thousand six hundred rupees was taken in cash. The miscreants had taken away his daughter-in-law and her children, locked them in one room, kept searching the other room, and took away the mobile phones that they had hidden in one place. After looting the room, they went to another room in which the family members were locked.

Then they move away from there, shift them to another room, loot that room, lock everyone inside the room, and leave with threats, whereas when the home owner somehow got freed, when he reached the house, he saw that there had been looting in the house. I went around around 3:00 in the morning with many people and got suspicious about some people about whom I informed the police.

The police picked them up in the night itself and asked where they were. Inspector in Charge Amit Singh Bhadauria said that Sardar Jeevan Singh, son of Jeet Singh, informed him about the incident of theft by unknown thieves. The family members expressed suspicion about Harnam Singh, who lived opposite.During interrogation, it was revealed that there was a dispute between the two regarding the mud wall a week ago. Both sides keep complaining about each other. Harinam Singh has filed a case against him in court. The incident is fake.

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