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Kheri reached first place to the division and eleventh place A the state in the UP Health Dash Board ranking.


Dec 27, 2023


In the UP Health Dash Board ranking released every month on 14 health indicators, Kheri district has the first position in Lucknow division, while it has the 11th position in the state. Better-performing community health centers have been praised by CMO Dr. Santosh Gupta. All others have also been instructed to work better on 14 health indicators so that the ranking of the district can be further improved.

DPM Anil Yadav said that the government reports the progress of 14 health indicators. On the basis of which it is decided how well the health indicators are working in which district or where improvement is required, In such a situation, the ranking of Kheri district in the month of October, which was number 50 in the state, has improved to 11th place in the month of November.

image-15-1024x768 Kheri reached first place to the division and eleventh place A the state in the UP Health Dash Board ranking.

The CHC Superintendent and BCM units working at all the community health centers were reviewed by CMO Dr. Santosh Gupta regarding the ranking position being unsatisfactory in the report, and strict instructions were issued to improve it immediately. Also, instructions were given by him to the DPM unit for continuous monitoring. This is the reason why Kheri district, which was ranked 50th in the month of October 2023, has directly reached 11th position in the month of November. CHC Fardhan, Bankeganj, and Kumbhi-Gola have been the best-performing community health centers in the kheri district.

Regarding 14 health indicators, he said that four tests were to be done during the delivery of pregnant women: a blood test of pregnant women, HIV screening of pregnant women, complete immunization of children up to one year, family welfare (a reversible method), newborn care of infants by ASHA, institutional delivery, ASHA payments, and routine vaccination. As per the instructions and order given by CMO Dr. Santosh Gupta and regular review by the kheri District Magistrate/Chairman District Health Committee, the ranking of the UP Health Dash Board has improved and made it of quality.

CMO Dr. Santosh Gupta said that DPM Anil Yadav, in collaboration with the Block Program Management Unit, has continuously given training to BPM, BCPM, ANM, and ASHA in cluster meetings on how to improve the progress of the programs conducted. Due to regular review and handholding, qualitative improvement in indicators has resulted in a better rank. The district program manager has been directed to maintain consistency in the indicators.

Efforts are continuing to ensure that the district gets a top-10 ranking in the state in the coming month as well.

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