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The council presented gifts to the children associated with Jeevdaya.


Dec 26, 2023

Bureau Chief, Ali Asgar Bohra

Thandla. The rituals of children to living beings are the lifeblood of Jain philosophy, which is traditionally inspired by Guru Bhagwans and local officials to celebrate Jain religious schools and religious, cultural, and traditional festivals held from time to time with worship full of kindness to living beings. Similarly, Diwali is the main cultural festival in the country.

celebrate-Jain-1024x872 The council presented gifts to the children associated with Jeevdaya.

When Veer Prabhu Mahavir Swami’s Nirvana Kalyanak and Gautam Swami’s Kevalgyan Kalyanak were written, he explained to the children the importance of kindness in life and made them pledge not to burst firecrackers. In such a situation, more than 15 children, including Queena Chopra and Toshani Chopra, took a pledge not to burst firecrackers on Diwali, adopting the religion of kindness to life.

All the children were honored and rewarded by the All India Shri Rajendra Jain Youth and Women Council. All the children were also presented with a gift from the national office.

On this occasion, council seniors Umesh Picha, Ramanlal Mutha, Tejesh Kataria, state executive members of Mahila Parishad, Smt. Purnima Rupesh Porwal, Sushila Mutha, Pratibha Lodha, etc. praised the cultured children and wished for their bright future.

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