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Russia and China veto a US-drafted UN Security Council resolution on the war between Israel and Hamas


Oct 26, 2023

 Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel has agreed to delay an expected invasion of Gaza for now so that the United States can rush missile defences to the region to protect its troops there, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing US and Israeli officials. Israel is also taking into account in its planning the effort to supply humanitarian aid to civilians inside Gaza, as well as diplomatic efforts to free hostages held by Hamas militants, the report said. Over 100,000 Israelis have filed requests for gun licenses, according to the National Security Ministry. Hamas’ surprise attacks after October 7 on the Gaza border communities triggered a tsunami of requests for permits as the Israel Defense Forces were caught off guard by the attacks.

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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson LTC Jonathan Conricus says, “Hamas which governs the Gaza Strip stores fuel – both diesel fuel, benzene and other types of fuel. It is all inside the Gaza Strip and there is enough for many days for hospitals and water pumps to run. Only the priorities are different. Hamas prefers to have all the fuel for its war-fighting capabilities, leaving civilians without it…”

Fearing airstrikes and crowded shelters, Palestinians in north Gaza defy Israeli evacuation orders

Mahmoud Shalabi did not evacuate his home in northern Gaza despite the frightful Israeli warnings of a looming, far more brutal assault to come as it presses ahead with its war against the Hamas militant group.

The Palestinian aid worker is among hundreds of thousands who have remained. Others who initially heeded the Israeli warnings to head south have returned to the territory’s north, where Israel says it considers all those who stay possible “accomplices” of Hamas.

Shalabi said leaving his home in Beit Lahia didn’t make sense considering the relentless bombardment of southern Gaza, where Israel has repeatedly urged the more than 1 million northern residents like him to seek refuge. The overcrowded shelters and shortages of water and food in the south played a part in their decisions, said Shalabi and others who remained.

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