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Aug 3, 2023

Maharashtra News :
White Paper On Projects Lost by State Tabled In Assembly


Maha Yuti government in Maharashtra on Thursday tabled a white paper before the
state legislature on industries moving out of Maharashtra. The paper tries to
absolve the present dispensation of any blame for exit of industries while
trying to prove how the former MVA dispensation was responsible for that.

shinde- Maharashtra news maha yuti government

While listing
the facts about four major projects – Vedanta Foxcon, Tata Airbus, Saffron and
the Bulk Drug Park project – that went to neighbouring states, the white paper
tried to reiterate the state government’s stand that the projects weren’t lost
due to mistakes of the Maha Yuti government, but that was the effect of delay
in decision making process of the MVA government.

‘Projects not seen from
investment point of view’

whitepaper said that the Tata Airbus project and the Saffron project were not
being seen from the investment point of view while it blamed the high power
committee of the previous government for not making decisions regarding
concessions to be given to the Vedanta Foxcon project. The state government
said that the Bulk Drug Project will now be a self-funded project of the state

The high
powered committee of the MVA government didn’t make any decision regarding
concessions to the Vedanta Foxcon project in its meeting on March 17, 2022,
while the Shinde-Fadnavis government in its meeting on July 15, 2022 offered
several concessions including tax rebate and then invited the Vedanta group
twice for signing of MOC. However, since the MOU was never signed, it would be
wrong to say that the project went out of the state, the whitepaper said.

The whitepaper also said that in case of the Tata Airbus company also, they had
not signed an MOU with the MIDC or had moved an application demanding any land.
The industries department had not even had any correspondence with the company.
Hence, the allegations that the state has lost the project too are wrong, the
industries department has said.

case of the Saffron project the company had not moved any application seeking
land with the MIDC or not even had any discussions or correspondence. Hence, it
would be wrong to say that the project went out of the state, the white paper
said. On July 5, 2022 after his meeting with defence minister Rajnath Singh in
Delhi, the CEO of the company Olivier Andriès had announced in Delhi itself
that the company would be setting up its facilities in Hyderabad. The MIDC had
not discussed the project with the company or the defence ministry. Hence, it
would be wrong to say that the state lost the project, the white paper argued.


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