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Adani Enterprises news Q1 Result


Aug 3, 2023

Enterprises Consolidated EBIDTA Increased By 47%; PAT Up by 44%


full Adani Enterprises news Q1 Result

Primary Industries

5 Nos. of Mining services contracts are operational and delivery as per

Production of Carmichael Mine, Australia at 2.6 MMT

Integrated Resource Management volume stood at 17.8 MMT.

quarter, year after year and across three decades, Adani Enterprises has
consistently proven its reputation not only as India’s most successful business
incubator but also as a global powerhouse in infrastructure development,”
said Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group.

results are a validation of the Adani Group’s robust operational and financial
achievements. These outcomes, led by our incubating business of Adani Airports,
Adani New Industries, Data Center and Adani Roads, not only underscore our
history of creating and nurturing new and vital infrastructure businesses but
also emphasise the future value and growth potential of the diverse Adani
portfolio. Our expertise in executing large-scale projects, like Kutch Copper,
Navi Mumbai Airport, the certification of India’s first 5 MW onshore wind
turbine, coupled with our world-class O&M capabilities are fundamental
drivers that continue to accelerate our infrastructure journey that is poised
to play a significant role in meeting the aspirations of largest emerging
middle class cohort in the world. As we explore strategic expansion and growth,
we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of governance,
compliance and performance.”


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