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Jul 14, 2023

A female police officer, who settled many family’s conflict

By Zafar Khan: Yes, today we are talking about that woman police constable, who known as Manisha Sandeep Aswar, who joined the police department in 2007 and has been working in the department for 14 years and doing her duty honestly, she did her education from Dombewali East Mumbai. Her husband is military soldier she has a family like mother-in-law and two daughters.

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Manisha Aswar is working in Akot Rural, who is an idol of justice in herself, who understands everyone’s she respects all religions, she likes justice for women, she is currently working for Mahila Mandal. despite being less than a year, in his tenure, 43 out of 54 cases were settled in a good manner, all peoples praise her fiercely.

such a female police personnel, who had been in the police department for 14 years, are seen emerging as peace ambassadors today, seeing which the senior officers should honor such employees and bosst their morale

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