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Jul 13, 2023

Akashians are shining See NEET & JEE Results 2023 Students of Aakash

“Aakash Institute has once again proven its excellence in NEET-UG and JEE (Advanced) 2023. Among the Top 10 AIR in NEET-UG.”

Aakash Institute has once again proven its excellence in NEET-UG and JEE (Advanced) 2023. Among the Top 10 AIR in NEET-UG, Aakash Institute’s classroom program students have secured AIR 3, 5, 6, and 8, which is an incredible feat and showcases the dedication and hard work of both the


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students and the institute. In JEE (Advanced) too, classroom students of Aakash have secured 6 ranks in Top 50 AIR including AIR 27, 28, 29, 31, 36 and 42. The outstanding performance of the institute’s students in both of these highly competitive exams is a testament to the quality of education and training provided by Aakash.This remarkable achievement has once again cemented the position of Aakash Institute as the leading test preparatory coaching institution in India. 

NEET Results 2023 – Highest number of top scorers from classroom programs are from Aakash

In 2023, the number of students who qualified NEET-UG from Aakash Institute is a staggering 1,07,009. Out of these students, 94,893 were enrolled in the classroom program, while the remaining 12,116 were enrolled in the Distance & Digital Learning Programs.Aakashians have bagged an impressive 6 ranks in Top 10 AIR, 30 ranks in Top 50 AIR and 57 ranks in Top 100 AIR in NEET-UG 2023 (Including Classroom + Distance + Digital) along with 18 State/UT Toppers. A whopping 145 Aakashians have scored more than 700 marks in NEET-UG 2023. With that it continues to maintain its legacy of achieving top AIRs in NEET-UG.Through their determination and resilience, our students have achieved great things and are an inspiration to us all.  Kaustav Bauri  (AIR 3, NEET-UG 2023)  shares how the rigour of the program at Aakash helped him crack the exam – “I gave all the mock tests. I did error analysis after every test and attended the test discussion sessions at Aakash which helped me identify my mistakes & improve upon my weak areas. This helped me secure a good rank in NEET-UG.”Their stories are a reminder that obstacles can be overcome with the support of just one person cheering you on to the finish line. Watch their inspiring success stories:

JEE (Advanced) Results – Aakashians shine again

A total of 2340 Aakashians qualified JEE (Advanced) 2023. Out of these, 2160 were enrolled in the classroom program, while 180 were enrolled in the Distance & Digital Learning Programs.This remarkable feat can be attributed to the consistent hard work and relentless efforts of both the students and faculty at Aakash Institute. The students have shown that with commitment and perseverance, anything is possible. The faculty’s unwavering support and encouragement have undoubtedly been instrumental in the success achieved by the students.The curriculum and teaching pedagogy at Aakash is designed to ensure that every student is prepared for the toughest questions after rounds of practice. Aditya Neeraje (AIR 27, JEE-Adv 2023) – “The Test Series at Aakash towards the end was very helpful in identifying my weak concept…..Due to the rigour and difficulty level of the questions, we were well prepared for a tough exam.”The incredible performance of the students is attributed to the focused, disciplined and competitive learning environment at Aakash Institute, which is backed by comprehensive study material, a rigorous test & assessment schedule and a student-first approach.Additionally, the success of Aakashians in NEET-UG and JEE (Advanced) 2023 is a reflection of their hard work, dedication, and the institute’s guidance. Such an impressive number of students qualifying NEET-UG and JEE (Advanced) 2023 from Aakash Institute is a testament to the institute’s exceptional teaching methodology, faculty and commitment to delivering quality education and preparing students for a successful career in medicine and engineering. In the words of Dhruv Advani (AIR 5, NEET-UG 2023) – “I had wonderful teachers at Aakash Institute. They helped with concepts sink in perfectly. I didn’t have to do anything extra at home because they teach so well and we had a lot of practice in class itself.”If you dream of a career in medicine or engineering and want to qualify in NEET or JEE with flying colours, join Aakash Institute and start your preparation today. Admissions to Aakash BYJU’S Repeater Courses are open. Batches are starting soon. For details, 

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