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Ijtemai marriage of 51 couples took place in the Hazrat Lalshah Wali Dargah premises in the evening.


Feb 22, 2024
Ijtemai marriage of 51 couples took place in the Hazrat Lalshah Wali Dargah premises in the evening.

Indore Tahir Kamaal Siddiqui There was happiness everywhere in the atmosphere and it seemed like everyone was involved in happiness. This beautiful scene was of an Ijtemai wedding at Hazrat Lal Shah Wali Dargah complex located in Sanwer. Where as soon as 51 couples from the Muslim community said Qubool Hai… Qubool Hai… Qubool Hai, everyone’s faces lit up with happiness. A free Ijtimaai marriage was organized under the leadership of Hafiz Liaqat Raza in the courtyard of Hazrat Lal Shah Wali Dargah on behalf of his father Haji Shabbir Khan and brothers Haji Shaukat Khan, Haji Sharafat and Haji Siddiq Khan. The Nikah of all 51 couples was performed by Qazi Mohammad Salamuddin of Saver City. On this occasion, as special guests, Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board Chairman Sanwar Patel, former Madrasa Board Chairman Prof. Haleem Khan, Mufti Syed Sabir Ali and the Imams of Sanwer Mosques, including NP President Sandeep Changadia, former NP President Dilip Chaudhary, Councilor Suryakumar Ostwal, former Councilor Bhagwati Makwana, Councilor Jaideep Kanungo and dignitaries of the city also participated.

The guests were welcomed by wearing turbans and garlands. Hafiz Liaqat Raza said that this year also a free Ijtimai Nikah was organized on behalf of our family. The process of mass marriage has been going on for 7 consecutive years so that the marriage of Muslim daughters from weaker sections can be done easily. In the mass Nikah, each bride and groom were given expensive items like bed, sofa set, cooler, cupboard along with all the household items as gifts. Everyone also enjoyed the feast of delicious food. The main role in the program was played by all the youth including former councilor Bhayyu Bhai, former councilor Ishaq Pathan, Dr. Zakir Khan, councilor Manzar Mastan, councilor Zahid Khan, Sultan Pathan, Guddu Bhai Galle Wale, Qayyum Jamadar, Gabbar Qazi, Ramzan Khan, Arshad Qazi. played their respective roles. It was conducted by Sadar Yusuf Khan and Rafiq Khazanchi of Muslim Punch Committee. In the end, organizer Hafiz Liaqat Raza thanked.

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