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If a band wants to play at a wedding the organizer will have to take permission.


Apr 12, 2024
If a band wants to play at a wedding the organizer will have to take permission.

If a band wants to play in a wedding, the organizer will have to take permission. Due to the Lok Sabha Election Code of Conduct, permission is necessary for the procession. There are more than 50 bookings in this month.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani | Jhabua | Alirajpur Model code of conduct is in place for the Lok Sabha elections. Holi and Ramzan were celebrated within the code of conduct. Now festivals like Gudi Padwa, Eidul Fitr should also come under the code of conduct. There is also a marriage auspicious time between 18th to 22nd April. In such a situation, permission will have to be taken from the concerned SDM even for playing a band or DJ. However, till now not a single application for permission has been received. In fact, due to the code of conduct for Lok Sabha elections, Section 144 is also applicable in the district. In the code of conduct, certain rules have to be followed such as permission has to be taken for procession, announcement and meeting. Marriages are starting in the district from April 18. Marriages are considered incomplete without procession. It is estimated that more than 100 marriages may take place in the district. Those who have a wedding in their homes have made advance booking of the band. But no one has applied for permission to play the band. If a band is found playing without permission, there is a provision for action against the concerned. The band operators say that we have already told the organizers who came for booking that they will not play the band without permission. First the permission letter will have to be shown. Permission will be given from the concerned SDM office.

The operators are also giving advice before booking the band.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-12-at-15.13.57-1-1024x580 If a band wants to play at a wedding the organizer will have to take permission.
WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-12-at-15.13.57-1024x585 If a band wants to play at a wedding the organizer will have to take permission.

Band director Ajay said that till now 35 wedding bookings have been made. There are orders from Nanpur, Umrali, Sondwa, Jobat including Alirajpur. Dawar told that he is aware of the code of conduct, so to avoid action, he has told the organizers before making the booking that the band will play at the wedding only when they show permission for the band to play. Because permission will have to be taken by the organizer only. Band director Rohit Alava told that he also has a booking. Citing the code of conduct, he has also asked the organizers to take permission. Apart from this, the band members also come from outside. It is said that more than 50 bookings have been made in the district for April.

These festivals will be celebrated according to the code of conduct.

Before voting in the great festival of democracy, various communities of the district will celebrate their respective festivals with enthusiasm. But this time they will have to follow the rules of the code of conduct.

Auspicious time is from 18th to 22nd April.

Pandit Yajnarayan Pandey told that this time the auspicious times for marriage are on 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd in April. Apart from these five auAAspicious times, there is no other auspicious time. Jupiter and Venus will set in May-June and then weddings will start in July itself.Therefore, maximum number of marriages will take place in these five Muhurtas.

Not a single application came.

There are many rules of code of conduct which everyone has to follow. So far, not a single application has been received for permission to take out wedding processions and for the band to play at weddings. Tapish Pandey, SDM, Alirajpur.

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