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Honored the religious leaders who showed the right path to the society.


Mar 24, 2024
Honored the religious leaders who showed the right path to the society.

Tahir Kamal Siddiqui | Indore | A beautiful example of harmony and brotherhood was seen in the holy month of Ramadan, blessed with mercy and blessings. The pictures of harmony that are emerging are heart-warming. The Imams and Hafizos of the mosques on Prince Yashwant Road were honored by Hindu Muslim religious leaders by garlanding them with pearls and wearing turbans. Taraweeh was performed in the month of Ramzan in the special presence of Chief Guest City Qazi Dr. Ishrat Ali, Swami Vardhanand Maharaj of Narsingh Tekri, President Manzoor Baig, Vice President Riyaz Khan, Mohammad Akbar, Sufi master Warsi Baba at the Sarva Dharma Sangh office located on Prince Yashwant Road. Under the auspices of the Sarva Dharma Sangh, the Hafiz who recited the entire Quran without looking at it in the special namaz and the Moezzins who gave the Azaan were stopped by giving tribute. On this occasion, city Qazi Ishrat Ali said that the holy month of Ramzan has come as a mercy with the message of the entire humanity. Manzoor Baig of Sarvdharma Sangh said that the present Imam, Hafiz Saheban, who leads namaz five times a day in mosques, recites the Quran throughout the month and prays for the prosperity of the country and the respect of the society increases only with the respect of the religious leaders who show the right path to the society. Is. We feel happy to honor such personalities.
On this occasion, Hafiz Mohd. Nadeem Razvi of Fatima Masjid, Hafiz Fazal Ahmed Razvi of Harsiddhi Masjid, Hafiz Zameer Sahab of Jail Road Masjid, Hafiz Tauqeer Raza of Kabootarkhana Masjid, Mohammad Siraj of Noorani Nagar Faridi Masjid, Maulana Azam of Taji Kunar Masjid Jawahar Marg. Qadri, Hafiz Abdul Shakur, Mohammad Sarfaraz of Pakki Masjid Koyla Bakhal, Hafiz Shahnawaz of Loharpatti Masjid, Maulana Qamaruddin of Nihalpura Masjid etc. were welcomed with gifts and cash tribute. As per the tradition of every year, this year too, tribute was given to the Imam and servants of the mosque by the President of Sarva Dharma Sangh, Manzoor Baig. On this occasion, President of Sarvdharma Sangh, Manzoor Baig, Vice President, Riaz Khan, Zakir Khan, Akbar Qazi, Dharmendra Paimal, Ashish Roy, Golu Shaikh, Sarfaraz Khan, Zafar Khan, Faizan Baig, Sameer Baig, Yunus Khan, Alfaiz Khan, Faheem Khan, Hakim Baba, Satish Sharma etc. participated. The program concluded with special prayers for the country’s prosperity, well-being, peace and brotherhood.

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