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Hazira police station takes effective action against vicious thieves.


May 16, 2024
Hazira police station takes effective action against vicious thieves.

The police arrested two vicious thieves and a buyer, exposed six thefts and seized stolen vehicles and batteries from their possession.

The auto used in the theft was also seized from the arrested thieves.

Three stolen motorcycles, two scooters and batteries of four scooters were seized from the thieves and the buyer.

Pavan Paruthi | Gwalior | On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Gwalior Shri Dharamveer Singh (BJP), effective action is being taken to arrest the criminals of robbery, vehicle theft and Nakbajani in Gwalior district. In pursuance of the above instructions, Additional Superintendent of Police City (East/Crime/Traffic) Shri Shiaz.K.M., BHP, disclosed the thefts taking place in the police station area to Police Station Incharge Hazira and formed an informer system to catch the thieves by recovering the stolen goods. Instructions were given to develop.

In compliance with the instructions of senior officers, under the able guidance of CSP Maharajpura Mr. Nagendra Singh Sikarwar, Police Station Incharge Hazira Inspector Shivmangal Singh Sengar led a police team to reveal the thefts taking place in the police station area and recover the stolen goods and arrest the thieves. Was applied. An informer system was developed by the police team to catch the thieves who commit theft incidents in the police station area. On 15.05.2024, the police team received information through an informer that two vicious thieves stealing vehicles were seen under Hazira police station area. Based on the above information, the police team surrounded and arrested two suspects as per the description given by the informer. On asking the names of the two arrested suspects, they told their names as Rahul alias Babu Joshi and Saurabh Prajapati.

When both the arrested suspects were interrogated regarding the vehicle thefts that took place in Hazira police station area, they tried to mislead the police team. When the police team interrogated both of them thoroughly, they admitted to stealing 03 motorcycles and 02 gigs from different places in the police station area. When the police team interrogated the two thieves in detail regarding the stolen vehicles, they told that they had sold two motorcycles and four batteries of the Tata at a cheap price at a junk shop located in Cancer Paharia. On the basis of the memorandum, when the police team reached the junk shop located at Cancer Paharia, they found a person present there, when asked his name, he told his name as Aamir Khan. When the police team interrogated Aamir regarding the stolen motorcycles and batteries of the Giga, he admitted to purchasing Splendor and Discover motorcycles and four batteries of the Giga at cheap prices from Rahul alias Babu Joshi and Saurabh Prajapati. From which the accused Aamir was detained by the police team. When the police team searched the junk shop, four batteries of Tamat, Splendor and Discover motorcycles were found in mutilated condition, which were duly confiscated by the police team. On the testimony of the two vehicle thieves, Rahul alias Babu Joshi and Saurabh Prajapati, caught by the police team, a motorcycle, two gig cars and flour used in the theft incidents were duly seized from their possession. The thieves caught by the police team revealed 06 thefts in police station Hazira and the stolen Mashruka was seized and is being presented in the Honorable Court today on 16.05.2025.

Names of the accused :-

(1) Rahul alias Babu Joshi, son of Raju Joshi, resident of Guda Gudi Naka Gwalior.

(2) Saurabh Prajapati, son of Rakesh Prajapati, age 21 years, resident of Seva Nagar, Toywali Gali, Gwalior.

(3) Aamir Khan, son of Ghafoor Khan, resident of Cancer Paharia, behind the temple of Moni Baba, Kampu, Gwalior.

Mashrooka recovered :-

(1) Up.No. 248/2024 Section 379 IPC -Motor Cycle CD Deluxe MP-06-MF-8968.

(2) Up.No. 11/2024 Section 379,411427,201 Bhadvi – Motor cycle Discover MP-07-ML-9516 in cut condition.

(3) Up.No. 18/2024 Section 379 IPC – Motor cycle Splendor MP07-MV-8424 in damaged condition.

(4) U.P. 250/2024 Section 379 Bhadvi Gig Maroon MP-07-RA-8523.

(5) Up.No. 210/2024 Section 379 BHDV Gig Gray MP-07 ZV-3124.

(6) Up.No. 162/2024 Section 379,411 Bhadvi Four big batteries of blue color and auto used in theft MP-07-RA-6206, total seized Mashruka worth Rs 5 lakh 62 thousand.

Commendable Role :- The notable contributions of the following personnel from Hazira Police Station were appreciated – Station In-charge Inspector Shivmangal Singh Sengar, Sub-Inspectors Ashok Tomar and Harendra Bhadoriya, Assistant Sub-Inspector Tilak Singh Gurjar, Head Constable Anil Gupta, Constable Rai Singh, Constables Arun Lodhi, Dinesh Tomar, Shri Krishna Rathore, Karan Chorasiya, Sandeep Jat, Bhanu Parihar, Anil Narwariya, and the clever Constable Jitendra Jadon.

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