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Hada family who donated their eyes was honoured with Rotary decoration.


Jun 11, 2024
Hada family who donated their eyes was honoured with Rotary decoration.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani Jhabua – Journalist Farooq Sherani helped a victim get a hearing aid from the Rotary Club.

Rotary Club Apna’s Foundation Day and the grief relief program of eye donor Babu Singh Hada were organized on both occasions under the leadership of Rotary Club Apna’s President Secretary Maya Sharma and Vice President Kusum Solanki. On the occasion of Hada’s grief relief program, Rotarians Deepak Vyas, Kantilal Nima, Doctor Kishore Nayak, and Mangilal Nayak, present from Rotary Club Apna Meghnagar honored Babu Singh Hada’s sons Prakash and Balwant and the Hada family with Rotary decoration. On this occasion, Rotarian Doctor Kishore Nayak motivated the people present in his speech to donate eyes and Rotarian Mangilal Nayak of Rotary Club Apna said that Rotary Club Apna is going to open a Rotary Eye Collection Center in Meghnagar very soon for eye donation. If someone wants to donate their eyes posthumously, then the name of that person will be donated. The eyes will be removed and sent to Indore and will be implanted in two persons who cannot see.

Rotarians Jayant Singhal and Pankaj Ranka said that on the occasion of Rotary Club Apna’s foundation day, a 5-year-old girl who was unable to hear was presented with a hearing aid.

Rotarian Vinod Bafna and Rotarian Mahesh Prajapati said that the Rotary Club Apna Meghnagar was established on 11 June 2015. Rotary Club Apna has completed 9 years of its formation and has entered its 10th year. In these 9 years, with the cooperation of all and the hard work of Rotarian colleagues, the city has been provided with numerous services like health, education, and entertainment. Especially in the field of health, the patients of the city and the surrounding areas are getting the maximum services and every year a permanent project has been done during the tenure of every new president. Rotarian Bharat Mistry, Founder President of Rotary Club Apna, said that our permanent services in these nine years include Rotary air-conditioned mortuary, Anita Bansal Physiotherapy Center, hearse, two ambulances, Rotary medical equipment bank, Rotary utensils bank, Rotary garden, Rotary Club Apna water tanker, Moksha Rath, three permanent drinking water stalls Rotary Jal Mandir, two temporary drinking water stalls are being continuously operated and recently, two tanks were built at Mukti Dham with the cooperation of Rotary Club Apna, Nagar Parishad Meghnagar and public support! All these facilities are used by many patients and people from the far end of the city and the surrounding rural areas and all these services are being provided 24×7. All these permanent projects have been done through Rotary and with public cooperation.

This year, four health camps and battery-operated mechanical prosthetic hands and prosthetic legs were installed, which gave about 150 disabled brothers and sisters the ability to do their work. Moksha Rath was also made a permanent project and many small works were done along with it.

And now from 1st July, many more such human service works will be done under the leadership of the newly elected President of the new session, Rotarian Mahendra Singh Solanki, and Secretary Rotarian Kamlesh Garwal!

Please visit the website for more information: The Current Scenario.

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