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Gwalior Workshop Boosting Micro Food Businesses with PMFME.


May 3, 2024
Gwalior Workshop Boosting Micro Food Businesses with PMFME.

One day workshop on Pradhan Mantri Formulation of Micro Food Enterprises (PMFME) was organized at Prestige Management and Research Institute Gwalior.

Gulshan Paruthi | Gwalior | A one day workshop on the topic Pradhan Mantri Formulation of Micro Food Processing Enterprises was organized at Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior. This workshop was organized by Startup Club on 03.05.2024.

The main objective of this workshop is that through the scheme, farmers can establish themselves in the field of agriculture by adopting the scheme and all the students of the institute will be taught how to start a start up in the field of agriculture and how to start up agro food. How to be selected as, keep teaching.

Workshop resource person Mr. Akshat Aggarwal, (PMFME) MOFPI, Government of India, said that the PMFME scheme works as a boon for the farmers of India. In this, farmers can make their farming easier by taking loan from the government through the scheme. He also shared the development and employment options in the agriculture sector with all the students. He told that the government also provides employment opportunities to all the youth through the project and keeping in mind the views of the youth, the government unveils the project. So that the future of the youth can be improved and they are also encouraged to start start-ups in the field of agriculture.

Director of the institute, Dr. Nishant Joshi said that farmers work as an integral part in the progress of our country. If the government provides schemes like PMFME to the farmers, through which farmers are given loans for farming, this will help the farmers in farming. It becomes easy to do. He greatly appreciated this scheme of the government and informed the students of the institute about the employment generated in the agriculture sector.

Dr. Tarika Singh, Co-Director of the institute, said that such a scheme provides a lot of convenience to the farmers in farming and can be a good employment option for the students of Agro Start and she told that our institute is like this. Keeps conducting workshops which provide all round development of all the students.

Incubation Center Head Dr. Navita Nathani said that our club organizes such workshops from time to time for the students of the institute, which makes it easier for all the students to find employment opportunities in their life, due to which our club helps the students. And is very conscious about the all-round development of girl students.

More than 150 students of the institute were present during the workshop and this workshop was organized in collaboration with Institutions Innovation Council (IIC).

The coordinator of this workshop was Assistant Professor Palash Sharma and the co-coordinator Assistant Professor Mayuri Joshi and in this workshop, Dr. Pratiksha Saxena, Assistant Professor, Simran Rohira and other faculty members of the institute were also present during the workshop.

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