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Gwalior Police’s Walk March and Women’s Awareness Campaign in Girls Hostel


Jun 12, 2024
Gwalior Police’s Walk March and Women’s Awareness Campaign in Girls Hostel

Sandeep Shukla: Gwalior

Students of the girls hostel located in the university campus were sensitized about cyber crimes by making them aware of their rights.

As per the instructions of Superintendent of Police Gwalior Mr. Dharamveer Singh (Bhapuse), women’s awareness campaign is being conducted continuously in different schools, educational institutions and public places by Nirbhaya Mobile’s women police team under women security in Gwalior city.

Under the said campaign today on 12.06.2024 under the leadership of CSP University Ms. Hina Khan Police Station In-charge University Inspector Upendra Chhari, Police Station In-charge Sirol Inspector Alok Singh Bhadauria and Police Station In-charge Jhansi Road Inspector Harendra Sharma along with police force Jeewaji University Campus and Govindpuri area. A walk was conducted and during the walk, Ms. Hina Khan of CSP University visited the girls hostel in the campus and discussed with the students and the present students were made aware of their rights and also informed about prevention of cyber crimes. . Apart from the students, hostel warden and Jiwaji University officials were also present on this occasion.

Today on 12.06.2024 all the forces of the university section were gathered and a walk was taken out in the university campus and Govindpuri area under the leadership of CSP University Ms. Hina Khan. During the walk march, drivers of carts and vehicles blocking traffic in Govindpuri area were instructed not to park their vehicles on the road.

During the walking tour, the students staying in the girls hotel located in the university campus heard their problems and the CSP University also shared their mobile number with the students and told that any student should immediately inform the police or them in case of any emergency. They were also informed about the dial 100/112 service and 1090 women helpline of Madhya Pradesh Police.

On this occasion, CSP University while discussing with the female students present said that any incident like violence, mental and physical harassment at workplace, commenting on female students, pressuring female students to talk, molestation, etc. Police, parents and teachers should be informed. For the protection of women, many laws have been made to take action against those who commit violence against women and discriminate against them. On this occasion, the female students present were also made aware by giving information regarding the laws related to them and cyber crime.

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