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Extra Mural Lecture organized at Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior.


Apr 30, 2024
Extra Mural Lecture organized at Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior.

Gulshan Paruthi | Gwalior MP | Extra Mural Lecture was organized at Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior on 27 April 2024. The main objective of which was to provide information about suitable opportunities for students in Information Technology and to provide guidance for career growth.

Chief guest Mr. Manish Tripathi (Senior Software Engineer, Wipro) was present in this program.

The chief guest of this program, Mr. Manish Tripathi told that to increase the career direction in IT sector, B.C.A. And B.Sc students should take some important steps. The first step is to strengthen technical skills. It is important to learn programming languages like Java, Python and C++. Second step: Getting certification, getting certification from reputed companies like Micro Soft, Cisco or AWS strengthens your resume. Internships and practical experience also help you in your career. For this you should participate live, you should also improve your communication skills.

In the end he told that understanding the current trends and technology and working on them is also important for your career growth.

Director of the institute, Dr. Nishant Joshi told I.T. There are a lot of job opportunities to make a career in the field but it is important that the students keep upgrading the latest technical knowledge and skills from time to time. From which B.C.A. And IT for B.Sc students. The journey of career development in the sector can be very interesting and exciting. B.Sc. and M.B.C.A. Students studying B.Sc. can get special employment opportunities in various fields. These mainly include software development, web development, data base administration, networking, game development and system administration.

Dr. Tarika Singh Sikarwar, Co-Director of the institute, said that students get an opportunity to choose career path in different fields as per their interests and abilities so that students can achieve career growth at the right time. Dr. Sikarwar told that B.C.A. And B.Sc. After doing this, students can start working from entry level position. Like Junior Software Developer Technical Support Engineer or System Administrator.

During this program, faculty members of the institute, Assistant Prof. Ramkumar Paliwal, Assistant Prof. Bharti Gole, Assistant Prof. Shruti Dubey, Assistant Prof. Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Assistant Prof. Vibhav Srivastava was present. More than 200 students were also present in it.

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