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Electricity supply at booths and polling material places will be taken seriously.


May 4, 2024
Electricity supply at booths and polling material places will be taken seriously.

Tahir Kamaal Siddiqui | Indore | Amit Tomar, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Western Region Electricity Distribution Company, Indore visited Ratlam. On this occasion, Executive Engineer Vinova Tiwari Ratlam City, Shailendra Gupta Ratlam Rural, Amit Patel Javra, Mahendra Maida Alot and other officers were present. Managing Director Amit Tomar said in the meeting held in the Superintendent Engineer’s office that as per the orders of the Election Commission of India, proper arrangements should be made for power supply at booths, voting material distribution sites, voting related training sites etc.

The Electricity Officer should be in constant touch with the District Election Officer and Assistant Election Officer, so that better coordination can be maintained in important work like elections. During his arrival in Ratlam, the Managing Director also inspected the new Superintending Engineer office building, smart meter control room and testing work of meters. Managing Director Amit Tomar gave instructions to carry out the work of building construction, testing and metering with standard and quality. During this, Ratlam Superintending Engineer BD Franklin said that there is permanent availability of electricity connection at all 1295 booths of the district. The instructions of the electricity company headquarters are being followed regarding electricity distribution to election related offices, hospitals and drinking water sources.

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