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Eid Mubarak was given by hugging after the prayers


Jun 17, 2024
Eid Mubarak was given by hugging after the prayersThe Current Scenario

Tahir Kamal Siddiqui | Indore |
The festival of Eidul-Azha (Bakrid) is being celebrated in Indore in a pleasant atmosphere with brotherhood. After offering prayers in all the mosques including Chhoti Gwal Toli Eidgah and Sadar Bazar Eidgah, people offered Mubarak to each other by hugging and offered sacrifice in the path of Khuda. Anjuman Islahul Muslimeen’s head Syed Shahid Ali and secretary Majid Hussain Fridge Walon told that Qazi-e-Shahar Abul Rehan Farooqui Sahib offered Eidul Azha prayers at Chhoti Gwaltoli-Cantonment Eidgah at 7:45 am.

Before this, he gave an impressive speech in the light of Quran and Hadith and said that understand the great purpose of sacrifice in the path of Khuda. He said that this festival should be celebrated with mutual brotherhood. Do not do any such work which causes trouble to others. After the Namaaz, Khutba was read and prayers were offered for peace, tranquility and prosperity in the country. A large number of people from the Muslim community participated in the Namaaz at Chhoti Gwal Toli Idgah. Now the series of sacrifices and feasts will continue for three days.

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