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Effective action of Indore Police continues against goons, miscreants and anti-social elements…


Apr 28, 2024
Effective action of Indore Police continues against goons, miscreants and anti-social elements…

Gulshan Paruthi | Indore | To control crime and criminals in the city, under the guidance of Police Commissioner Indore, under the leadership of DCP of all four zones of Indore city, from the intervening night till morning of 27-28 April, seniors of the concerned area of urban Indore. The police force, along with police officers and station in-charges, conducted combing patrolling in all the police station areas to monitor and arrest goons and anti-social elements.

Indore Police carried out combing patrolling late at night and checked a total of 990 miscreants, including goons and anti-social elements involved in illegal activities, and took appropriate legal action against 530 of them.

Instructed not to commit crimes by catching criminals and getting their dossiers filled.

During this period, Indore Police, while monitoring the goons/miscreants and anti-social elements, checked a total of 990 miscreants and appropriate legal action was taken against 530 of them….

Under which a total of more than 386 warrants were served in various cases, in which long-term absconders – 01 absconding, 95 permanent, 136 arrest and 154 bailable warrants along with 105 summons were also served.

During this time, taking action against people involved in illegal activities.

Legal action was taken against the miscreants by registering 08 cases of illegal liquor and 06 cases against those found roaming with illegal weapons. Action was taken against anti-social elements by registering 05 cases of consuming illegal drugs and 06 cases of consuming liquor in public places.

While taking action against habitual miscreants – 34 in 110 CRPC and – 38 in 151 CRPC, – 04 in 122 CRPC and – 145 in 107/116 CRPC, thus a total of preventive action/summons was taken against 221 miscreants/anti-social elements. .

Action under 185 Motor Vehicle Act taken against 52 people for drunk driving.

During this period, checks were conducted and action was taken against more than 306 criminals of the area, including goons/miscreants, Nakbajans and supervised miscreants, as well as many knife-wielders, drug peddlers and district criminals.

During this period, many absconding criminals have also been caught by the police, against whom legal action is being taken.

During this period, dossiers were also made to be filled on the criminals who were checked/caught, instructing them not to commit crimes.

Indore Police will continue to take such action against goons/miscreants and anti-social elements.

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