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Doctors angry over officials linking biometric attendance to salary and allowances.


Jun 3, 2024
Doctors angry over officials linking biometric attendance to salary and allowances.

Agitation postponed till Wednesday on assurance of Deputy Chief Minister. Doctors of all medical colleges of Madhya Pradesh had given a letter to their respective heads stating that they will wear black bands from Tuesday in protest.

Gulshan Paruthi | M.P. | It is known that National Medical Commission India, which gives recognition to all medical colleges, NMC created an application to identify ghost faculty in all medical colleges or to catch hired doctors, which is called Aadhaar based enrollment attendance. Regarding this, National Medical Commission made it compulsory in all medical colleges of the country from July last year that all doctor teachers, JDA, SR, JR punch their attendance and mark it. Initially, many medical colleges did not take it seriously, but gradually all medical colleges moved forward taking it seriously and today there is no dispute about attendance and punching in almost all medical colleges of Madhya Pradesh and all doctors mark their attendance on it automatically.

The controversy started when the National Medical Commissioner imposed penalty on four-five medical colleges of Madhya Pradesh considering their percentage of attendance to be low. Keeping this in mind, in the video conferencing meeting held last Wednesday, Commissioner Medical Education Shri Pithode ji directed that the biometric attendance of doctors of all medical colleges should be linked with salary, and the penalty that NMC is imposing due to shortage of doctors should be recovered from the doctors. The doctors are very angry with this and they say that such an order, such a process does not exist anywhere in the country. In its guidelines, NMC has neither talked about linking it with salary nor with allowances. NMC does this work only to find ghost faculty so that such chaos does not occur in many medical colleges, especially private medical colleges.

One thing is clearly mentioned here that even the officials are not fully following the instructions given by the National Medical Commission. The National Medical Commission has advised all the governments that for opening new medical colleges, they can keep the minimum level of faculty but it has also said that this number is not sufficient for smooth running of the system and other works in the medical college and 25 to 30% additional medical teachers should be recruited beyond the minimum standards given by us so that if the doctor is on leave as per the rules or is on any kind of government work or is in a medical emergency or is somewhere else, then there is no effect on his attendance or on the teaching of the students or on clinical work. On one hand, the government is working on the minimum recruitment standards of NMC and on the other hand it expects the doctors to do this work at the standard level and everyone’s attendance should be as per NMC. Many authorities have gone ahead and linked the salaries and allowances of all nurses, paramedical staff and others with this attendance.

On one hand, the government is not able to find doctors in the state, an example of which is that in the interview of five new government medical colleges held 10 days ago, only 150 doctors came for 450 posts and their recognition is also in danger now. The government, without learning from all this, is issuing such orders that make doctors lose interest in government jobs.

Today afternoon, the officials of PMTA went to the office of the Deputy Chief Minister and discussed the matter and when the officials of his office brought this matter to the notice of the honorable Deputy Chief Minister, he sent a message from there that I am out for 2 days and will come back from there and resolve this matter, till then the doctors should not create any kind of agitation. Accepting his words, all the officials of the Progressive Medical Teachers Association have decided that all the medical teachers of the medical colleges of the state postpone their agitation till June 6. The next agitation will be considered after meeting the honorable Deputy Chief Minister after two days.

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