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DM inaugurated the two-day district agricultural fair


Mar 6, 2024
DM inaugurated the two-day district agricultural fair

Lakhisarai, Atmanand Singh:- On Wednesday, DM Rajneesh, ADM Sudhanshu Shekhar, DDC Kundan Kumar and District Agriculture Officer inaugurated the two-day agricultural fair at Lakhisarai Sadar Block Office premises by collectively cutting the tree and lighting the lamp. The District Agriculture Authority said that during the two-day agricultural fair, farmers will be informed in detail about organic farming. In which methods of organic farming without chemical pesticides and fertilizers and the equipment used in farming will be explained. Apart from fruits and vegetables grown with the help of organic farming from different blocks, a lot of equipment has been put on exhibition in the agricultural fair. The DM told that who should help in saving the land from becoming barren by doing poison-free farming using modern equipment. Agricultural fairs are organized at regular intervals with the aim of encouraging farmers to adopt organic farming.

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