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District level workshop was organized in collaboration with Wish Foundation.


Feb 28, 2024
District level workshop was organized in collaboration with Wish Foundation.

Jhabua Rahim Sherani: A 03-month pilot project from December to February 2024 was conducted with the technical support of Wish Foundation in Thandla development block for strengthening health services, in which a district level workshop was organized on Wednesday at Amba Palace on Badkuan Road. Pilot Under the project, Wish Foundation provided necessary equipment for health care and testing by orienting community health officers, ANMs and Asha workers to strengthen health services like maternal health, non-communicable diseases, sickle cell anemia etc. and also for the successful organization of camps. Awareness Rath was run in which awareness related activities were done through audio video, experiences during the camp were shared in the workshop by the health workers of Thandla development block. In this district level workshop, CPHC Lead Dr. Rohini from Wish Foundation explained the pilot project in detail. Information was provided about. On this occasion, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. B.S. Baghel, District Health Officer 1 Dr. N.K. Pathan, District Epidemic Control Officer Dr. Puran Singh, District Malaria Officer D.S. Sisodia, District NCD Nodal Dr. Yogesh Ajnar, Epidemiologist Dr. Ram, District Community Mobilizer Mukesh Yadav, District M&E Officer Pranay Temre, Malaria Consultant Jitendra Baghel, MH Coordinator Champa Chauhan, Wish Foundation District Coordinator Samar Bahadur and all development block medical officers, BPM, BCM, BEE, Community Health Officers, ANMs and ASHAs of Thandla development block. Workers were present. The operation was done by District Program Manager Rajaram Khanna and gratitude was expressed by District CPHC Advisor Kailash Charpota.

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