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Continuous action of Crime Branch Indore continues against illegal weapons activities.


Mar 23, 2024
Continuous action of Crime Branch Indore continues against illegal weapons activities.

Bureau Chief Gulshan Paruthi | Bhopal | The vicious criminal who made a video reel of waving illegal weapon (sharp knife) and making it viral on social media, is in the custody of Crime Branch Indore.
With the aim of spreading panic in the city, the accused was making a reel and making the video viral through social media.
The accused Sujal alias Shooter Bhat is a habitual criminal, against whom many criminal cases have been registered in the past.
To control crime in Indore city, instructions have been given by senior officials to take effective action against the criminals involved in illegal weapons activities. In pursuance of the above instructions, the Crime Branch team is continuously taking effective action by secretly collecting intelligence regarding the persons possessing illegal weapons and those involved in their activities.
In the same sequence, during social media monitoring, the Crime Branch team got information from the informer system that a person is spreading panic on social media by waving illegal weapon and knife, he is standing under Manikbagh Bridge in Indore with illegal weapon, knife (Tatdaari). Who is planning to carry out some incident. Acting on the information, the Crime Branch team surrounded and caught a person of the described description at the place indicated by the informer. When asked for his name and address, his name was Sujal alias Shooter Bhat, age 22 years. Told Sindhunagar Juni Indore. After searching the accused, a total of 01 illegal weapon, knife (sword) was seized from his possession and handed over to Juni Indore police station for further legal action.
Since the actions of the accused came under the ambit of Section 25 Arms Act, a case under Section 25 Arms Act 1959 was registered against the accused at Juni Indore police station and taken up for investigation, on the basis of which further legal action is being taken.

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