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Congress candidate Kantilal Bhuria voted with his family.


May 13, 2024
Congress candidate Kantilal Bhuria voted with his family.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani | Jhabua | Ratlam Jhabua Congress candidate from Alirajpur Lok Sabha constituency Kantilal Bhuria voted with his family. Before voting, Gopal Mandir along with his co-family, MLA son Dr. Vikrant Bhuria, wife Kalpana Bhuria, daughter-in-law Sheena Bhuria, reached Gopal Mandir, where after offering prayers, they reached polling station number 93 Public Works Subdivision Office, Jhabua and voted.

On this occasion, he said that this In the elections, the people of the country have stood up against inflation, unemployment and corruption to save the country’s democracy and constitution, while in the manifesto of the Congress party, five justice guarantees are given, jobs to 30 lakh unemployed, an amount of Rs 100,000 per year to every woman, ₹ 400 per day to laborers. Janata Janardan has expressed confidence in the plan to provide free health facilities worth Rs. 25 lakhs for the benefit of farmers along with the Swaminathan formula, MSP law and the plan for the upliftment of many other proletariat classes. It is definitely certain that the Indian coalition government will be formed in the country. There is a wave of change in the country. Besides, there will be changes in the Lok Sabha constituency as well. I have confidence in the people of the area that they will play an important role in making me win with an overwhelming majority. I too have always been committed to the development of my constituency and will always remain so.

Congress-candidate-Kantilal-Bhuria.-4-1024x461 Congress candidate Kantilal Bhuria voted with his family.
Congress-candidate-Kantilal-Bhuria Congress candidate Kantilal Bhuria voted with his family.

MLA Dr. Vikrant Bhuria said that we will definitely get the love and blessings of the people of Ratlam Jhabua Alirajpur area in the form of their votes. The victory of the Congress Party is certain. We will fulfill the promises made by the Congress Party in its manifesto wherever there will be injustice. There we will fight against injustice. We are always with the people of the area and will always be so.

On this occasion District Congress President Prakash Ranka, Congress spokesperson Sabir Fitwell, Anil Pawar, Councilor Vinay Bhabar Gopal Sharma, Jitendra Shah, Manoj Sharma were present.

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