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Annual festival of Brahma Kumaris Prabhu Uphaar Bhavan concluded.


Apr 3, 2024
Annual festival of Brahma Kumaris Prabhu Uphaar Bhavan concluded.

It is important to be happy to do better work – Adarsh Didi.

Smiling solves half of life’s problems – Prahlad Bhai.

Bureau Chief Pawan Paruthi | Gwalior MP | The annual festival was organized on the sixth anniversary of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya “Prabhu Uphaar Bhawan”, located in Madhavganj. Mainly present in the program were businessman Mr. Pitambar Lokwani, Regional Officer of Municipal Corporation Ward 50 Mr. Satendra Singh Solanki, State Secretary of P.M.P Association Mr. Ranjit Singh Chhawra, senior eye surgeon Dr. H.S. Kushwaha Gynecologist Dr. Rani Kushwaha, Director of Brahma Kumaris Seva Kendra BK Adarsh Didi, BK Prahlad Bhai, BK Dr. Gurucharan Singh were present.The program started with the lighting of the lamp. thereafter BK Adarsh Didi congratulated everyone on completion of 6 years of services at Prabhu Uphaar Bhawan and said that Brahma Kumaris Sansthan has been trying to bring peace and happiness in the lives of people through spirituality in the country and the world for the last 8 decades. Because without happiness no work can be done well. Therefore it is important to be happy, spiritual knowledge helps us a lot in this. Along with imparting spiritual knowledge to the people, various campaigns were also run by the institute. Which includes many programs like environment protection, water conservation, clean India, drug free India. In Gwalior district too, many programs were organized under this campaign throughout the year. Lakhs of people got benefit from it.Didi further said that everyone should rise above personal interest and work for social welfare and world welfare. At the same time, feelings of mutual cooperation, affection and respect towards everyone should also be kept in mind. Because just as a pot is filled with drops, in the same way a society and a country are built only by the union of each individual and to establish a value-oriented society, cooperation of every individual is required. That is why there is a saying that the world is happy with everyone’s cooperation.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-03-at-4.24.58-PM-1024x460 Annual festival of Brahma Kumaris Prabhu Uphaar Bhavan concluded.

In the program, BK Prahlad Bhai presented the annual report of various public welfare programs done in the year 2023-24 through video presentation, which included meditation camp, health camp, drug de-addiction camp, water campaign, tree planting, cleanliness campaign, moral education for children. Programs include education, motivational programs, social, spiritual etc. The message was given to lakhs of people through all these programs. While presenting the annual report, BK Prahlad told everyone that we always have the feeling of giving something to others. So our happiness level increases. Therefore we should always have a spirit of giving. If you cannot give anything, then at least talk to everyone with a smile, then all the work will become easier. Satendra Singh Solanki, who attended the program, wished everyone on the annual festival. And said that it is a matter of great happiness that such a good ashram is in our area where people get positive direction. I was fortunate to organize many public awareness programs in collaboration with the institute.

While presenting his views, Pitambar Lokwani congratulated everyone and said that when this Madhavganj center was being built, I had the feeling that the people of this area would get benefit from it and today the way people reach here in large numbers to sit. Even the hall becomes small, this shows how much faith and devotion people have towards the institution. And how much change has taken place in people’s lives. Whenever we meet the people of the institute, they always seem happy while doing their work, which inspires us all. Ranjit Singh Chhawara gave his best wishes in the program and said that the institute is dedicated to the service of humanity and is not engaged in any work while serving Anand.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-03-at-4.24.58-PM-1-1024x576 Annual festival of Brahma Kumaris Prabhu Uphaar Bhavan concluded.

Dr.H.S. Kushwaha congratulated everyone on the annual function and said that many programs are organized by the institute throughout the year which is commendable and exemplary, these people work selflessly for the society. And it is our good fortune that we all get the company of such great people. He further said that I got the opportunity to go to Mount Abu three to four times and I am in touch with the institute. Even though I am not able to come to the institute every day, I do the meditation taught by him daily and whenever I face any problem, I turn to God. I feel light remembering this.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-03-at-4.24.59-PM-1024x458 Annual festival of Brahma Kumaris Prabhu Uphaar Bhavan concluded.

Dr. Rani Kushwaha and Abhay Khandelwal also expressed their good wishes in the program. Along with this, beautiful cultural presentations were also given by child artists which enthralled everyone. Among those who presented were Ms. Drishti Pamnani, Ms. Pihu, BK Pawan etc. were present. Santosh Gupta, BM Soni, Prof. were present in the program. R S. Hundreds of people were present including Verma, Rajendra Singh, Ashok Pamnani, Neelam Motiramani, Jaya Lokwani, Kavita, Ekta, Surendra, Ravi, Harshit.

BK Prahlad Bhai did efficient management of the stage and thanked everyone.

Mr. Editor Sir.
in divine service
B.K. Prahlad

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