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Ali Urs Mubarak, a symbol of national unity!


Jun 7, 2024
Ali Urs Mubarak, a symbol of national unity!

Aali Urs Mubarak, a symbol of national unity, famous Qawwal Raees Anees Sabri will participate and present Kalam.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani | Jhabua | Urs Mubarak will be organized today on 07 June at the shrine of Hazrat Garib Shah Wali Sarkar, a very ancient miraculous shrine Dargah Sharif, located in the hills of the remote region of Alirajpur. A grand program will be organized by presenting sandalwood sheet at Dargah Sharif and a collective langar (prasadi) will be organized !

Water keeps flowing from a spring at this very ancient miraculous dargah Mazar Sharif. Till date, no one has been able to find out from where the water comes. Also, many miraculous things happen at this dargah mazar.

A splendid Qawwali program will also be organized tonight. Renowned Qawwal of the country Raees Anees Sabri will present Sufiana and Nisbati Kalam. Thousands of people from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Shahid and other states will participate in the Urs Mubarak.

Ali Urs Committee’s head Imran Madni informed that famous Sufi saint Hazrat of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat states will also participate in Urs Mubarak. Urs Mubarak had started with Quran Khani on 6th June. Today, on Friday, 7th June, sandalwood and chadar will be presented at the shrine of Aulia at 4:00 pm in Ali. At 6:00 pm, a mass langar for the general public will be organized. At 9:00 pm, there will be a wonderful program of Qawwali!

Preparations at all levels are being completed by the Urs Committee!

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