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Akola airport to start flight service soon


Jul 5, 2024
Akola airport to start flight service soonFlight services will soon commence at Akola Shivni Airport, enhancing connectivity and boosting regional development.

Zafar Khan – Akola

A meeting was held today in New Delhi in the hall of Civil Aviation Minister Muralidhar Mohol regarding the start of flight services from Akola Shivni Airport soon and positive discussions and meetings were held regarding the flight plan and technical aspects regarding the start of flight services from Akola. And as promised while discussing with the media, MP Anup Dhotre has started discussions today to take positive steps regarding the opening of the airport. A positive promise was recently given by the country’s Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Muralidhar Mohol. MP Anup Dhotre said that the newly appointed Member of Parliament of Akola Lok Sabha Constituency recently met the Minister of State for Civil Aviation and had a detailed discussion about starting the aviation service and the technical difficulties encountered and this time the Minister given a positive promise to start the aviation service from Akola soon. Akola district is one of the major districts of West Vidarbha.

Sangun has been an airport since 1946 by the same, there has been a discussion about starting an airline service from Akola for the last several years and the newly appointed MP of Akola, Anup Dhotre, has taken a positive step towards the start of this service by discussing with the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Muralidhar Mohol.In this meeting, there was a discussion about starting the service from Akola to Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur and Bangalore. The meeting was concluded with the MD of Flying Big Airlines, Captain Mandavia and officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Taking into account all these factors, Mr. Anup Dhotre said that the central government is positive about starting air services from Akola with all the facilities of the airport.

Former Union Minister of State and Mr. Sanjay Dhotre, Mr. Govardhan Sharma, Mr. Randhir Savarkar, and Mr. Vasant Khandelwal have been working to start air service in Akola through the central government’s Udan Yojana and accordingly, the newly appointed MP Anup Dhotre A positive step has been taken and active in starting air services for the citizens of Akola and the coming of new industries in the industrial estate of Akola and soon this service will be started for the residents of Akola. MP Dhotre demanded that by bringing flexibility in the officials and technical aspects of the airline company as well as the government’s policy, priority should be given to backward and agricultural producing districts, as Sant Gajanan Maharaj Shegaon and Kashi Pohradevi of Banjara community are close to it, pilgrims can have facilities and religious areas as tourism areas. as Akola district is famous as an educational hub as a health sector, taking into account the availability of factories for agricultural and pesticide agricultural chemicals, the need for an airport in Akola should be given justice to Akola in the background of the Agricultural University. Anup Dhotre presented the information about the strip and the place in the meeting and demanded that justice be given to Akolya by taking a strategic decision in this regard.

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Namdar Mohol promised that the government would be committed to the development of West Vidarbha and that Vidarbha would be given justice by checking all the issues immediately.

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