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Unsung action of Akola LCB: seized goods worth more than Rs 6 crore


Jan 8, 2024
Unsung action of Akola LCB: seized goods worth more than Rs 6 crore

Akola (Zafar Khan) Five months of the year 2023 were very crucial for local crime branch police inspector Shankar Shelke and his team. The team was successful in investigating 80 incidents that took place in the district and seizing goods worth more than Rs 6 crore. On July 25th, 2023, District Superintendent of Police Sandeep Ghuge handed over the command of the local crime branch to Senior Police Inspector Shankar Shelke. The police station officer had shown commitment to maintain the trust shown by the senior officer and to expose the criminal incidents taking place in the district. Under the regular guidance of senior officers, the police inspector, along with his colleagues Kailash Bhagat and Gopal Jadhav, trained the other police personal regularly in the process of investigation and in cracking down on the accused involved in criminal incidents, besides maintaining a check on the illegal businesses running in the district and the instructions to make every possible effort to destroy it. From July 25 to December 31, the local crime branch team was successful in seizing goods worth more than Rs 6 crore from the accused by uncovering 80 incidents registered in the police stations of the district.

80 incidents were exposed.
Under the guidance of Police Inspector Shankar Shelke of the local crime branch, the team uncovered 83 thousand 500 rupees in 3 theft incidents registered in the police station, 6 lakh 58 thousand rupees in 1 incident of burglary, 22 incidents of vehicle theft, and 7 lakh 80 thousand rupees in cattle theft.

image-53 Unsung action of Akola LCB: seized goods worth more than Rs 6 crore

In 31 operations, goods worth Rs 5 lakh 86 thousand were seized, 15 incidents of electricity wire theft were detected worth Rs 2 lakh 88 thousand 400, and goods worth Rs 6 crore were detected in 8 incidents of other theft. Let us tell you that LCB was successful in seizing more than Rs 6 crore of goods worth Rs 1 crore, 61 lakh, 3 thousand, and 100 stolen in 80 thefts.

Action taken in 5 months

TitteActionArrestSeized Goods
Animal Protection02042,97,500
Arm Act020287,100
EC Act010112,6000

Two serious incidents were exposed
The bag of the complainant, who was going to Pune with the amount of Rs 80 lakh from the businessmen of Amravati, was passed by an unknown thief near the dhaba falling within the limits of Patur police station. In this case, Patur police registered a crime against an unknown accused and started an investigation. But the police were not able to achieve success. Ultimately, the local crime branch team, while investigating the incident, arrested an accused from Madhya Pradesh and succeeded in seizing Rs 79 lakh in cash from him. Apart from this, the LCB team chased the accused involved in the theft incident in Geeta Nagar under the limits of the Purana Shahar police station and seized 13 tolas of gold, a vehicle, and goods worth Rs 18 lakh from him. Had achieved success.

A violation of the law is not tolerated
Police Inspector Shankar Shelke of the local crime branch said that it is binding on every person to follow the law. Those who violate the law will not be tolerated at all. Safety of life and property of citizens and control over criminals are the priorities of the police.

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