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Aayushi celebrated her birthday by offering Parana to Varshitap worshippers


Jun 10, 2024
Aayushi celebrated her birthday by offering Parana to Varshitap worshippers

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani Jhabua

75 ascetics in Thandla are doing the rigorous penance of Varshitap. The values ​​of religion are received from birth, so they spread their fragrance wherever they go.

Aayushi Anulesh Shrimal, daughter-in-law of Thandla Nana Lal Anupama Manglesh Shrimal family, celebrated her birthday with great simplicity by getting the Parna done for 75 ascetics who are undergoing Varshitap of Jinshasan.

tcs-2-1 Aayushi celebrated her birthday by offering Parana to Varshitap worshippers

If penance is important in Jainshasan, then Parna is also equally important, hence fulfilling their sentiments, the family also cooperated and got the Parna done for everyone by going to the collective Parna of the historical Varshitap going on in Thandla. It is noteworthy that in Dharm Bhoomi Thandla, Shri Sangh President Bharat Bhansali with his 19th consecutive Varshitap and Mrs. Asha Devi Shrimal with her 13th Varshitap are becoming inspiration for everyone.

In this series, Sangh spokesperson Pawan Nahar, who is doing his first Varshitap after completing his fourth consecutive Ekasana Varshitap, said that in the birth centenary celebration of Jinshasan Gaurav Pujya Shri Umeshmuniji M.S. “Anu” with his divine blessings and with the auspicious blessings of Buddhaputra Pujya Shri Jinendramuniji M.S., the founder of Jina Shasan, with the holy inspiration of learned Mahasati Pujya Shri Nikhilshilaji M.S. Adi Thana-4, seated here, a tremendous atmosphere of Varshitap worship has been created in the Sangh. Regular worshippers are paying homage to the first Tirthankar Bhagwan Adinath and meditating on Tirthankar Bhagwan and doing various worships. Giving information, Sangh Secretary Pradeep Gadiya and Lalit Jain Navyuvak Mandal President Ravi Lodha told that this is the first time when 75 Varshitap worshippers have completed two months of worshipping Varshitap together on a regular basis. Arrangements for alternate Parna of all are being made at Mahavir Bhawan, which includes Mrs. Sampatbai Picha family, Rakesh Prafull Talera family, Vardhman Mayur Dr. Devendra Talera family, Jinendrakumar Alkesh Pranjal Lodha family, Mrs. Kamala Bai Sethiya family, Mrs. Kiranbala Narendra Kumar Shrimal family, Ms. Rajkumari Babulal Bhandari family, Nanalalji Shrimal family, Naginlal Rameshchandra Shahji family, Mohanlal Shailesh Sanjay Pipada family Ratlam, Juharmal Surajmal Babulal Rajendra Shrimal family, Mrs. Shakuntala Prakashchandra Shahji family, Buddhilal Kankariya family, Mrs. Tara Behan Sunderlal Bhansali family, late. Mrs. Rajalbai Kanakmalji Gadiya family, Gupta Sahayogi, Sujanmal Hiralal Kankaria family, Prakashchandra Chandrakant Gopal Jitendra Ghorawat family, Mrs. Jyoti Dilip Shahji family, Suresh Mahesh Pradeep Sanjay Vhora family, Manaklal Jayantilal Rajnikant Lodha family, Amritlal Manish Chopra family etc. are taking benefit courtesy of the donors who have become the Aadhar Stambh and the daily beneficiary families. Lalit Jain Navyuvak Mandal and Dharmalata Mahila Mandal are helping in the Parna. In today’s Parna, Aayushi Anulesh from Aadhar Stambh family took advantage of the Vari again on her birthday and made the Parna of all the devotees meaningful and gave a beautiful message to the Sangh society. During this, Shrishrimal family honored all the devotees by applying Tilak and also gave Prabhavana. Inspired by the collective Varshitap Aradhana going on in Thandla, news is coming of Varshitap Aradhana starting in the Sangh at other places too.

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