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A yoga guru in the city who has made people healthy through yoga


Jun 22, 2024
A yoga guru in the city who has made people healthy through yogaWe can keep thousands of people healthy through yoga and our lives. Enhance your health & wellness through his expert teachings.

Sandeep ShuklaGwalior

We can keep thousands of people healthy through yoga and our lives can remain happy through yoga. Today thousands of families in the country are struggling with diseases, they are neither getting the right treatment nor the right kind of food. So, in such a situation, yoga is the only medium through which we can stay healthy and you can make our lives happy. There is one such youth in Gwalior who is continuously making people disease-free through yoga.

Let us tell you that Montu Goswami, who is a yoga teacher, continuously goes from house to house to do yoga for people to stay healthy and through his yoga. Today many people in the city have been freed from serious diseases and are living their lives in a healthy state.

Montu Goswami, Yoga Teacher – If you go to any hospital in the city, you will find hundreds of people fighting with disease or their family members admitted to the hospital. In such a situation, one thing becomes clear the diseases that can be treated with yoga. people are getting them treated with English medicines these days, which continuously affects their bodies and they become victims of many serious diseases. I have a special request to all the residents of the city all of you must connect with yoga through some medium or the other and worry about your health and that of your family members.

thousands-of-people-healthy-through-yoga A yoga guru in the city who has made people healthy through yoga

Let us tell you that Montu Goswami, along with being a yoga teacher. Is also known as a good social worker in the city, who continuously works to connect people and keep them healthy through yoga education and school education. They teach yoga to people through free yoga classes in parks. Those who are not able to pay money.

Lecture of the person who got healthy-

Sanjay Somani ji, resident of Gole ka Mandir- 20 years ago, due to a bullet hitting my spine. The lower part of my body became paralyzed and since then I have been in a wheelchair. Since then I joined Montu Goswami as a yoga teacher myself and today it has been 5 years since I started doing yoga. Today many problems of my life have been reduced and I do much of my work myself. Today I am completely healthy and have connected the whole family through yoga.

Saurabh Rajak, resident of Chandbadni Naka- Through yoga, the blood circulation of all the bones and nerves of my entire body, starting from my feet, is going on properly through yoga and today I do not have any pain anywhere in the whole body, for this I am very grateful to my yoga teacher Montu Goswami.

Through yoga, it becomes our responsibility to connect with the era in some way or the other and connect our family members with yoga.

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