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A Comprehensive Guide to the District’s Ortho Surgeons.


May 15, 2024
A Comprehensive Guide to the District’s Ortho Surgeons.Orthopaedic Care Near You: A Guide to District Specialists

A meeting of all the ortho surgeons of the district was taken by the Medical Team for the formation of Datia Orthopedic Association.

The objective of formation of Datia Orthopedic Association is to upgrade medical services, academic activities, conferences and research in Datia: Dean Dr. Deepak Singh.

This type of specialty based body is available only in selected big cities of the state.

Gulshan Paruthi | Datia Gwalior | On Tuesday, a meeting of all the orthopedic surgeons working in Datia district was taken by Medical Dean Dr. Deepak S. Maravi at the Medical College, Datia, in which the medical college, district hospital and senior orthopedic surgeons practicing in the city participated. A proposal was made to form Datia Orthopedic Association in the meeting. Medical Dean Dr. Deepak S Maravi, who is himself a senior professor of Orthopedics, told that with the formation of Datia Orthopedic Association, on one hand, the people of Datia district will get better medical services, and on the other hand, there will be continuous academic activities, state level and national level. Organization of conferences and research activities will get a boost !

At the district level such medical organizations are currently limited to some big cities of the state, once this organization is operational, the city will also get recognition at the regional and national level. Present in the meeting, it was agreed to make the senior orthopedic surgeon of the city, Dr. SK Khangar, the patron of the organization, a proposal was made to make Dr. Tribhuvan Narayan Singh the president of the organization and Dr. B.K. Verma as the secretary of the organization, which was unanimously approved. Accepted from! Medical College Superintendent Dr. Arjun Singh, Co-Superintendent Dr. Sachin Yadav, Dr. Mukesh Sharma, Dr. Manish Verma, Dr. Ramsevak, Dr. Kuldeep, Dr. Tanuj etc. were present in the meeting.

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